Bernd Weidenauer

Around 1971 born in horn (no kiddin´)

1972 was fed with carrots (still allergic to them).

1975 found the first MAD-magazine and looked at the pictures (couldn’t read).

September 7th, 10.34 AM, 1980 started drawing caricatures (first class of

1990-1999 studied arts at the akademie of fine arts (didn´t go there very often).

1993 first exhibition of caricature drawings (couldn´t say a word at the opening speech)

1993 bought my first car (with earnings of the exhibition).

1993 started doing commission (didn´t stop that).

1998-2003 teaching arts in school (was released early for good behavior).

2001 happily married once (one child before, one after that)

2003 started building up this caricature business (does pay the bills!)

2005 moved to Purkersdorf (you don´t have to answer that in test).

2019 starts acting as a agency (more talking, less drawing)

Up til now I am drawing caricatures live at gigs and taking commissions (but
thinking about retiring or at least a sabbatical lately…)

Working digital and traditional (still also teaching couple of times a year).

Got a whole lot of prices (the customers have to pay for…).

Wanna focus more on the business-side of doing caricatures (being at
conventions so much, I see I really suck at drawing…)

Orange is the happiest color.

Frank Sinatra

Here is a small selection of Bernd’s work. More on his homepage or Instagram