Denis Lopatin

was born in Belarus in 1977, where he began working as a newspaper cartoonist since 1994. Since 2002 – in the Far East of Russia, in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, near Alaska. He worked as an illustrator in newspapers, but in 2018, due to criminal prosecution for making a satirical poster for the rally, he was forced to leave Russia.

At the invitation of Cartooning for Peace, he came with his family to France.
Now lives in France and work as concept artist and also as live caricature artist.

List of awards and regalia:

Four court calls for a newspaper caricature of a regional official (2003),
One call for questioning to the prosecutor for a newspaper comic strip (2007),
Numerous publication bans and exhibition bans, criminal charges under the articles of the criminal code of Russia: №148 (offence to the feelings of believers), 282 (incitement to hatred against a social group), 319 (insult of the representative of the authorities) for a caricature of a deputy of the Russian parliament. In case of return to Russia, Denis risks getting a prison sentence up to 8 years.

One real religious fatwa claiming his assassination have published on YouTube by Orthodox Christian fundamentalists for the same picture. This call was launched in a video published by the current priest.

Here’s a selection of Lopatin’s work. More on his Instagram or Facebook